Ripping up the rule book for women over 50.

Intentional about harnessing the vibrancy and vibe of the tribe treading this pathway with us.

Setting out to inspire the next generations and respecting those who have gone before.

Starting as a show, we believe it’s a movement.
A cause. A mindset. A space.

It seems that the narrative is that we, as women over 50, start to disappear. Yet, ironically for many of us at this time in our lives, we have more energy, more experience, more light and life.  

At a time when the UN predicts that it will take 300 years to reach gender equality, we cannot take the foot off the pedal.

As we enter later chapters in our lives we run a risk of heading backwards, not least while this generation of accomplished women arguably ‘disappear.’ We need to - and judging by the feedback of our This Age tribe - want to remain visible.

We have spending power, insight, experience, energy - and yet at 'this age' are so overlooked.

There is now a lot of wonderful insight and focus about living with the menopause, which is fantastic, but with 'This Age' we plan to go so much further.

We're creating a tribe/a community globally. Our tribe is telling us that women want to own and be intentional about this vital chapter in their lives.  

They want to see their true lives reflected honestly. We will be investing in growing this tribe to reach and inspire more and more women who are either excited about what this new path brings… or conversely, feel unseen, misunderstood and/or mis-represented.  

This is also the time when we must inspire the next generations of women. And still recognise what’s gone before us.

Our first guests embody this mindset.  

  • Hy Money - the first ever female football photographer who went on to be the first ever female photographer at Wimbledon.
  • Rowan Pelling, the editor of the 1990s magazine- The Erotic Review who has just launched a new magazine.
  • Yvonne Thompson, CBE - founding member of Choice Radio, president of the European Federation of Black Women Business Owners, and founder of Wintrade (Women in Trade).  

We ask our guests 4 main questions:

  1. Tell us about one key area where you have ripped up the rule book in your career?

  2. And what in particular have you ripped since the age of 50? What led you to decide you needed to rip it up?

  3. And more excitingly - what will you rip up next?

  4. What top tips can you share that helps lift you when you are not “feeling it”?

Join us, join our tribe. Because This Age Matters. 

Antoinette Raymond PhD

Organisational Psychologist & Behavioural Scientist, Antoinette is an expert in the psychology of disruption and discipline, innovation, organisational transformation, assessment and potential. She takes a people-centric approach to business transformation. Her company’s purpose is to help executives & business leaders construct and embed the strategies and behaviours, cultures and commercial practices that pivot organisations to compete, succeed and thrive in this new-fangled world we find ourselves living in.

Her clients span industries and the globe. Her list of current projects include driving transformational change in healthcare, advertising & media, and the charity sector; organisational strategy with consumer goods, technology and consultancies; and lastly leveraging brilliance and science in academia and biotech. A speaker in the “women in… science, technology, engineering, creatives, and finance” world, Antoinette thrives when with others sharing and exchanging ideas and building strong communities and tribes.

She’s best known for three things:

  1. Embracing complexity

  2. Engendering difference as a strength

  3. Breeding confidence in others

Don't be surprised by the accent - she is an American Filipino Spanish person living in both London and San Diego with her husband and massive family. Known for her direct, but balanced viewpoint, energetic presentation style and her focused and relatable approach to transformational org change and executive coaching.

Julia Streets

Julia Streets is increasingly being called a city ‘personality’. From hosting and anchoring impactful podcasts like “DiverCity Podcast” (DE&I in financial services), and CityAM’s ESG Show: ‘Impact AM’ and ‘The Energy Podcast’ about climate change, to advising startups and global organisations, she's become a sought-after voice in finance, leadership, and sustainability.

She has well and truly earned her pinstripes and many accolades as a senior fintech leader. Her journey began in the fast-paced world of public relations, eventually leading her to hold senior positions at the NY Stock Exchange and Instinet. This experience paved the way for Streets Consulting, her business that helps clients to grow by providing strategic and practical, traditional and digital business development, marketing and communications support.

As a certified leadership coach and a former stand-up comedian, Julia brings a unique blend of expertise and infectious energy to everything she does. She's frequently invited to prestigious stages and the metaverse to host discussions, curate panels, and interview world leaders.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Julia lives with her wife of 26+ years in London and actively supports causes close to her heart. As a fellow of the British American Project and a supporter of Street Child, she uses her influence to champion diversity, inclusion, and education worldwide.

Whether inspiring audiences, guiding businesses to success, or advocating for positive change, Julia is a true global citizen, constantly leaving her positive mark on the world.

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