It's Time To Rip Up The Rule Book

"This Age" is here to rip up the rule book for women over 50 and seriously shake up the narrative around ageing. In these episodes we’ll be spotlighting amazing women from every walk of life, each of whom are challenging stereotypes, have ripped up the rules since turning 50 and have plans do rip more. Hosted by sell out stand up comedian, entrepreneur, international speaker/ host and coach MC Julia Streets and Dr Antoinette Raymond one of the most entertaining organisational psychologists and behavioural scientists you could ever hope to meet, our series applauds the accomplishments, adventures, and indomitable spirit of women who demonstrate that life becomes even more enriching after 50. Join us as we celebrate those who are rewriting the rules and living life on their terms.

Episode 1 Summary: The Trailblazing Journey of Yvonne Thompson CBE

IIn our first episode, we're thrilled to present Yvonne Thompson CBE, a distinguished figure whose life and career epitomise the spirit of "This Age." As the initiator of the UK's first black music radio station, Choice FM, and a staunch champion for diversity and women's empowerment, Yvonne's story is an inspiring illustration of what it means to be a trailblazer. This episode delves into her narrative, uncovering themes of confidence, resilience, and the unyielding resolve to transform challenges into opportunities. Through engaging dialogues and sincere interactions, Yvonne, Julia, and Antoinette provide an enthralling perspective on how to live boldly and purposefully, irrespective of age. 

Yvonne's charity partners that supported her skydive are:
London Legal Services Trust The London Legal Support Trust is an independent charity that raises funds for free legal advice services in London and the South East. Supporting free legal advice centres across London and the South East through the provision of grant funding, supporting sector infrastructure, helping agencies reduce costs and save money via pro bono or discounted schemes.
Not For Sale
Is an enterprises, born out of a Mission. Not For Sale began by providing vital direct resources to trafficked people. We quickly realised that to create a world without slavery, we need change at a grassroots level we need to stop trafficking long before it happens. 

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Episode 2 Coming Soon
Hy Money

Hy Money is proud to be acknowledged as Britain's first female sports photographer, was delighted to be awarded the accolade of the Sports Picture of the Year.

Her photographs have appeared in films, books, magazines and newspapers and she has been interviewed on various TV programmes including Richard & Judy, The Alan Titchmarsh Show and Breakfast TV amongst others.

 Hy has been able to capture images of sporting legends such as Muhammad Ali, Bobby Moore, Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe and also stars of the screen and members of the royal family.

 Originally Hy was a housewife with four children and had never been to a football match. Then one day in 1971, armed with her camera, she took her three boys to watch Crystal Palace play at Selhurst Park. And so began her love affair with Crystal Palace. 34 years on, her passion for the club remains undiminished.

Health Hacks for Over 50s with Emma Wills on Tribe Under 10

 In an engaging Tribe Under 10 episode, Emma Wills, CEO of Empowered Health Network, joins hosts Antoinette Raymond and Julia Streets to disrupt conventional health norms for individuals over fifty. This concise episode packs valuable insights into under ten minutes, focusing on actionable health tips that cater specifically to mature audiences seeking to enhance their wellness routines.

Emma Wills delivers transformative advice, urging viewers to take control of their health with innovative strategies that challenge the status quo. This episode not only provides practical health hacks but also aligns with "This Age's" commitment to delivering impactful, succinct content for viewers with busy lifestyles. Tune in to empower your health journey with expert advice from Emma Wills, tailored for enhancing life after fifty.

Episode 2 - Hy Money: Pioneering Being First Female Sports Photographer

In this captivating episode of "This Age," we spotlight Hy Money, a pioneering spirit who shattered glass ceilings to become Britain’s first female sports photographer. Winning the "Sports Picture of the Year" only underscores her exceptional skill and eye for capturing pivotal moments in sports history. Hy's journey from a housewife and mother of four, who had never attended a football match, to a celebrated photographer at Crystal Palace, is nothing short of inspirational.

Her lens has captured legends like Muhammad Ali and Bobby Moore, and her work has graced everything from newspapers to national television, featuring on shows like Richard & Judy and The Alan Titchmarsh Show. Despite her rise to prominence, Hy’s heart remains tied to Crystal Palace, her passion for the club as fervent as ever after 34 years.

This episode not only explores Hy Money's remarkable contributions to sports photography but also delves into her personal evolution and enduring influence. It's a testament to her enduring passion and a beacon for anyone aspiring to break barriers in pursuit of their passions. Tune in to discover the powerful story of Hy Money, a true icon in sports and photography.

Behind the Scenes First Look

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