Connecting with the Tribe - Why we need to hear from you?

When I describe THIS AGE to anyone willing to listen - I start with sharing the gist of the show:
  • This Age is about ripping up the rule book for women over 50
  • Taking this tribe and harnessing their vibe
  • Reflecting and honouring those who’ve gone before us
  • And inspiring those who are coming next.
Then I share the 3 questions we created to ask our guests:
  • What’s the biggest rule you’ve ripped up and the one you are most proud of?
  • What’s the rule you ripped up, after 50
  • What’s the next rule you’re going to rip up?
But before I can even finish sharing the questions - everyone I’m speaking to wants to share their answers!

All my female friends, colleagues, family all start shouting out their ripped up rule. And the energy gets big. We laugh. We sigh. We commiserate. We celebrate.

So… we want to do this with all of you. We want and need to hear from you.

Our sheer numbers are daunting. So why don’t we have a voice? What is social media still telling us that youth is everything. How can we wear our hair to look younger? What make up makes us look young, fresh faces, and dewy? What should we wear to still look relevant? How should we act in the board room, the bedroom, the ball room?

And the irony is we’re a spending power block. We’re an organizational power block. We’re a relevant and vocal power block.

So - why not create a way to give us a voice to hear:
  • What we still want
  • What we have learned
  • What we want to still learn about
  • How we’re done what we’ve done
  • What lessons we’d like to share up, down, and out?
Hell, if nothing else, we have an opportunity to have a spot to find out:

  • Where can we go dancing - where we aren’t the oldest (or youngest) in the crowd?
  • What are some fun, different and interesting social and professional activities - that we find cool?
  • What are some great shopping finds?
  • What are some suggestions for the perfect gift? (Other than the old tried and true ones!)
So, can you see why we need to hear from you? To have your voice add to the plethora of voices of women over 50. And to create a cool and vibrant tribe that supports, inspires and makes us laugh!

Sign up, join the This Age tribe, and tell us what you think!