Welcome to This Age!

By Julia Streets

In truth, I don’t remember exactly when the This Age concept was born, but all I do know is that once the idea landed, it never went away.

Antoinette and I met during lockdown when we worked together mentoring a cohort of young and rising leaders in lockdown, and we gelled immediately.

We had been talking at length about the chapters in our lives. How great it is that there is so much content and insight around the menopause, but what about life after? Talking it through together, with friends and also with many, many business contacts, it seems that we’re not the only ones thinking about this. And what shocked us in particular was the unanimous view that our validity seems to diminish - disappear for some - and yet we have experience, energy and attitude in spades. And in our research, my absolutely favourite quote was from one woman who said, “I’m tired of being represented wearing cardigans because I’m too hot, or too cold. I’ve got *** to do and I want to inspire my kids.” So we aim to address exactly that.

So welcome and if this appeals, please do share and tell others. We’d love to welcome them to This Age.

Honestly, at This Age?