Why with Julia?

By Antoinette Raymond

If age has brought anything to my life, it’s realizing that I have choices. I have choices about how I want to spend my day. I have choices about who I want to spend my time with. And when it comes to This Age and talking about all the exciting, troubling, exhilarating and frustrating pieces of being a woman over 50 - I choose Julia to spend my time with!

Rarely do you find someone who straddles multiple facets of your life. Professionally. Personally. Across values and priorities. Similar senses of humour. And the desire to do something exciting and special. Julia balances being a high achiever and a go-getter, with being a kind and generous soul. She is present. And she listens stunningly.

I enjoy that we can build off of agreed upon ideas, but can also disagree and challenge with respect. She ensures we are bringing each other on the journey we are on - and that is important.

I love the breadth and depth of her background. She runs a successful consultancy business, sits on the board of a fabulous charity, is a podcaster, speaker, advisor and coach - and oh yes - stand up comedian. Not only does this array of talents make her interesting to talk about - it makes it a hoot and so much fun.

But probably the most important answer to ‘why with Julia?’ Is that we are passionate and committed to having conversations with woman over 50 - unpacking how they’ve ripped up society’s playbook of how and who we should be. We always knew we were going to work together on something. And when we realised that we both had a big stake in the ground regarding our interest in creating a platform for women - it was a no-brainer for me.

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